Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jokes Joke Jokester Babyjoker

1.knock knock
whos there?
i eat mop
i eat mop who?
hahaha! you said i eat my poo!

2.why did Freddy Krueger kill Martin Luther King Jr.?
Cause he had a dream.

3. A girl sitting on a packed bus had to fart real bad.
She wanted to fart, but was afraid people would know it was her.
She decided to let it go, because the music on the bus was kinda loud,
A second after she let it rip, everyone on the bus looked at her,
It was then she realized she was listening to her IPOD.

4.Do you know what Mary had when she went to dinner?
We all know mary had little lamb

5.What do blondes put behind their ears to make them more attractive?
Their ankles..


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