Friday, January 28, 2011

In N out secret menu

In N Out secret menu. Didn't know about the salt and the jalapenos. and toast


* Veggie Burger: A hamburger with extra tomatoes instead of meat
* Extra Toast: This order toasts your bun a little bit more than usual making it extra crispy
* Protein style: Protein style removes the bun and wraps your burger in lettuce like a burrito.
* Grilled Cheese: A bun, tomatoes and onions, if you want them, grilled with melted cheese.
* Flying Dutchman: For the ultimate meat eater. No bun, no veggies, just two beef patties and two slices of cheese.
* Double meat burger: a double double without the cheese.
* Animal style: makes any burger come with extra pickles, extra sauce, grilled onions, and a mustard cooked patty.
* 3 by Meat: three beef patties and no cheese.
* 2 by 4: a double double with two extra slices of cheese. Not for the weak hearted.
* Chopped Chilies: This adds diced jalapenos to any burger
* Mustard grilled patty: ask for this and they will spread your patty with mustard before grilling it.
* No Salt: you wouldn’t think that this would apply to a burger but it does. In-N-Out patties are heavily salted, ask for no salt and you will get a much healthier and fresher tasting patty.


* Fries animal style: an order of French fries drenched in cheese, grilled onions, and special sauce (a thicker thousand island dressing)
* Fries Light: French fries taken out of the fryer a little early. These are a little bit raw on the inside and less crispy.
* Fries Well-Done: The opposite of fries light. This order leaves your fries on the fryer extra long, making them really crispy and oily.
* Cheese Fries: Fries with melted cheese on top


* Neapolitan shake: All the milkshake flavors swirled together, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.
* Root Beer Float: Half vanilla milkshake and half root beer soda.
* Choco-Vanilla Swirl: A chocolate milkshake swirled in with a vanilla milkshake
* Lemon-up: Lemonade and seven up mixed together.
* Large and extra large shakes: if you ask for a large shake they’ll give you a shake in a medium sized soda cup and extra large in a large soda cup.
* Tea-Ade: An Arnold Palmer. Half iced tea and half lemonade.

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