Sunday, May 3, 2009

Doggy Day!

I felt like this GUY on saturday afternoon. Taking 4 out of 5 dogs to the park. It was doggy day at Garfield park in South Pasadena. So I decided to see what festivities they had going on. When I got there I saw tons of beautiful dogs and a bunch of booths set up. It was cool seeing how everyone cared and tended to there dogs in there own special way. They also had dogs for adoption! and if your dog was talented enough, they had an obstacle course. (my dogs aren't) I had a great time and I hope Eagle Rock can have a doggy day sometime soon.


Sidenote: My sunday basketball pacrim league are changing our team name from Ihob to Dog Pound. Instead of our last names on the back of the jerseys were gonna have a dog breed name on the back. Also our logo is going to be a Dog Paw. Its gonna be AWESOME!!!

Do the dogcatcher, baby, do the dogcatcher
Why must I feel like that
Why must I chase the cat
Nothin' but the dog in me

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  1. who let the dogs out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!