Friday, September 18, 2009

Hecho En Mexico

I had my two day break from school for completing one whole month of school. WOOT WOOT! Props to the gazette. On my day off had this little GA (ghetto adventure) one day trip to Baja Mexico, Ensenada. Woke up at 5:30am ending coming home at 6pm. I only went for the tacos basically. So effin good! 12 tacos(8fish & 4 shrimp) and one coke came out to be only $8.50 cents but i was generous to give the two ladies a $10 :) Im so nice..... Out of all the taco stands out there, this one stood out the most because of "Nemo" sign. So funny So sad yet so gooooood. Anyways....I hate mexico. Swine flu. Traffic. Cops. Border Control, and people knocking on your window trying to sell you piggy banks, food, clothes, stickers, jesus pieces, churros, newspaper. Gotta love the mecs.
Only money I'll give away is to DONA ROSA tonight. Come through! hahaha

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