Thursday, July 30, 2009

There at it again...

Date: This Saturday Aug 1st. Where: Arroyo Secco SW End

"The horses are on the track. Wait a minuet! I mean, the people are on the track!

Welcome to A Day At The Races. The Kentucky Bouncy Ball Derby! If you have never been to a horse race and or bounced on a bouncy ball before, you are in for a treat. Come join us for this fun FREE, that's right FREE filled day of racing like you have never seen before. Post time (1st race) is at 12:00PM. Bloody Mary's and Mimosa pre-party starts at 11:30 AM. Event will end at the end of race 8.

This is no ordinary race, or race track. Instead of horses running, you (the participant) will be bouncing on giant bouncy balls to the finish line. Anyone can participate. All you have to do is sign the list at the event for the race you want to race in. There are 8 races. Race in one or race in them all. Just sign up at the event. If you choose not to race, then kick back and enjoy the day. Details will be sent to all who register for this event.

To make things a little more fun and exciting. You can bet on the horse, I mean person, you like best. Min bet is .50 and the max bet is $5.00. Play the odds on the horses, I mean, person. Bet to win, place or show. Try even a trifecta, if you know what that is. If you have a winning ticket cash it in. Be not only a winner in a race, but also a winner with a winning ticket. You can even bet on yourself in a race. It's all in good fun. Details will be sent to all who register for this event.

Check out some of the names of the horses (These names will be given to a rider at the event) from the race booklet you will get at the event.

Slow as shit. Sucker bet. Sure Thing. This is not Rigged. Show me the money. Why me? Hung over. Spoiled child.

This event is FREE for everyone! The only money you will spend that day is on food, drinks and bets. That's it. It doesn't cost to be in race. It doesn't cost to listen to music. It doesn't cost to meet new people. You do have to register for this event. If you show up at the event and have not registered you will have to pay a $5.00 entry fee.

We request you to register because we want to know how many people will be attending. You can invite your friends. Just make sure they join our MEETUP group and register.

This will be a fun and exciting day. Don't miss out. We'll see you there! Tell your friends!"
A Day At The Races! The Kentucky Bouncy Ball Derby!

Who wants to do this and get some fast cash? If you sign up the admission is free.

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