Tuesday, July 7, 2009


"Entourage's fifth season leaves our movie star in a pickle: his big Oscar shot, Medellin, is a dismal failure, and Vincent (Adrian Grenier) has burrowed away to Mexico to drown his sorrows in booze and women. How does a once-promising actor get his confidence, legitimacy, and bankability back? That's the key premise this time around, and like some of its previous seasons, is always more interesting when Vince is struggling than when he's on top. Once his crew--manager Eric (Kevin Connolly), big brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon), agent Ari (Jeremy Piven), and driver Turtle (Jerry Ferrara)--convince Vince to get back in the game, he finds many once-welcoming doors closed. He eagerly takes a meeting with Shawshank Redemption director Frank Darabont (playing himself), only to feel insulted when he finds it's for a TV pilot. (His subsequent options? Appearing at a Sweet Sixteen party and doing a Benji movie.) Once a promising script about firefighters (called Smokejumpers) piques Vince's interest, ensuing episodes become a complex chess game of job-hopping, backdoor-dealing, and back-scratching, which is always Entourage's strength. As Vince watches his star fade, Grenier gets a chance to let his sunny optimism crack, even sitting in Ari's office and begging to be told he's a good actor."

Just finished watching HBO Entourage season 5 in these last past two days. This show has it all. I love it and I cant wait to see season 6. Premiering this sunday on HBO.

If you wanna see it too and previous episodes go here....

Which character are you? Im either Ari Gold or Vincent Chase. Don't front


  1. So you quit your job to watch TV shows during the day huh.

    NOT BAD!!!!!

  2. haha alex your more like turtle... unemployed and muchin... i thnk david is a combination of ari/drama/vinny

  3. mix of turtle and lloyd!