Thursday, July 23, 2009


News Reporter goes off Karrine "Superhead" Steffans. Did the reporters go to far? or Did Mrs. Steffans act like a dumb whore?
This interview was going good only for the first 20 seconds. Its pretty funny and sad for the author. The 1st question was hilarious. While hes asking the question the other reporter is laughing hahahaha thats messed up. She gets offended and he says, "What? Cmon" LOL look closely at the end....I think he farted on the book.

“She was a rump shaker in a bunch of videos, nuff said.”

Who's at fault?


  1. that was your first entertaining post - keep it up - please no more pics of bikes and yellow shoes, or you in spandex - FAG-IT

  2. "And ain't nobody trying to take Beyonce from Jay
    But I know a bitch named Superhead he fucked back in the day"

    Honestly, I think I will buy this book when new versions are being sold on for 25 cents after overnight shipping!If I was the news anchor I would have said something like "Hey bitch , how can you write a book when you can't even fucking read?" She should have titled the book "HOW TO GET A PRO ATHLETE OR RAPPER TO MAKE IT RAIN ON YOU FOR DUMMIES"