Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Game at it again...

The Game - Jay-Z Diss - Hammersmith Apollo London from Roy Thomas on Vimeo.

The Game Dissing Jay-Z in London
This is getting oldddd really fast..... He really Emphasis on the "FU*K Jay Z" haha Game needs to get rid of the landing strip. (hair cut)

"It’s not hard to see the level of disrespect involved in getting the whole crowd to scream “Fuck Jay-Z” but I kind of have to side with what Rosenberg said on the air this week, Game spends years throwing shots at Jay, the one time Jay says something back (sorta) Game’s reply isn’t even that good. You’d think he’d have some Ether-like comeback in the stash, marinating until the day it actually happens." So true.


  1. Ive lost a lot of respect for Game. Its just annoying at this point. Wish this was 15 years ago and there were reprocussions for shit like this.

  2. west cost till the casket drop

  3. The Game will murder this Jay Z guy....

    Not a problem.....

    Its going to be like Tupac vs. Biggie

    Hit Em up Game...