Thursday, July 23, 2009


Mighty Healthy x Menace to Society
"I feel sorry for your mother." Wrong thing to say. Azn dude got plugged. Dont forget the 40oz of Olde English

Best Hood movie ever


  1. YEA RIGHT! Menace II Society is definitely one of the best from that genre that exploded in the late 80's to the mid 90's but its all about "COLORS" "ES MI BARRIO HOLMES" (its my neighborhood)I like that scene where their questioning "Caine" about the scene above and the guys like " you know you done fucked up right?" Don't believe me? "Oscar roll the footage!" .You know what's pretty interesting, is that 2pac was originally suppose to play Caine but he was replaced because he assaulted the directer Alan Hughes. If you were the director wouldn't you be happy that Pac naturally had that aggression?

  2. This guy Douglas leaves some great comments...
    If only he had his own Blog..........
    I bet his wouldnt be about bikes and random videos.............