Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Game Brings Jay-Z Fans On Stage & Then Disses Them

The Game come to London and not only diss Jay-Z, but their London fans? He's just digging his own grave. and its funny when they keep playin Jay Z songs and all of Game's crew knows every word haha. LOL at Harry Potter (sry sherman)


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  1. You don't have to side with any of them. Their two completely different rappers with almost nothing in common, so it’s weird that The Game is doing this but you know it’s all to create a buzz. The more The Game continues his Jay-Z bashing the more infatuated he looks with HOV. I think it would be more interesting if The Game was going after one of his contemporaries like Lil Wayne ,Young Jeezy, or Jim Jones to create some east vs. west tension and create his own chapter in hip hop history rather than attack a hall of famer like Jay-Z who has already been in a classic battle with Nas. (Waits patiently for The Game to call and take over his marketing team) You have to give The Game a lot of credit though, he’s put out two really solid albums without Dr. Dre and has netted some of the most loyal fans in hip hop. Jay-Z is a franchise and he shouldn’t respond to any of this because that’s ultimately what The Game wants, but the MC in Jigga probably won’t allow it…..

  2. I like the Game, but talking shit about harry potter is going too far!
    TEAM JAY-Z!!!

  3. My question is .....

    WHY HASNT JAY Z "The Legend" RESPONDED?????

    scared???? too old???? no rhyming ability??